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From:Johan De Meersman Date:October 28 2011 7:08am
Subject:Re: Disk space ending with multiple tables
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> From: "a bv" <vbavbalist@stripped>
> I have a phpsyslog-ng box with different tables and disk usage is

I assume that means you have a syslog service that logs to a MySQL database?

> growing so fast nearly no space left.   How  must i move the old
> files? Is it ok to move just like an ordinary file or do something on
> mysql?

Heh, no, that's not a good idea :-) Does the syslog software not clean up it's tables?

If it doesn't, you'll have to set up a job that performs delete statements on the
appropriate tables; but I really urge you to check the phpsyslog-ng documentation first.
Any software that writes to a database should really have a mechanism for cleaning up
after itself, too.

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