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From:Sabika M Date:October 19 2011 10:29pm
Subject:Re: credit where due
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I also want to say Thank you Shawn for your valuable contribution. On the
note on Resumes -I thought I would put it out here. My company is looking
for an excellent MySQL DBA (Oracle and MSSQL experience a plus) Please send
me your resume.


On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 12:30 PM, Shawn Green (MySQL) <> wrote:

> On 10/19/2011 13:29, Michael Dykman wrote:
>> While we have him online, I think we could all take a moment and be
>> grateful
>> for the contributions of Shawn Green.
>> When I see the Oracle-bashing on this list, I am often reminded that we
>> still have a hard-core MySQL developer who has survived the ride to Sun
>> and
>> again to Oracle who is still providing us with timely expert advice.
>> Please, all of you, think twice before cutting up Oracle for their lack of
>> MySQL support.  Shawn has been plying this list forever doling out sound
>> advice and I have never heard him complain as we as we indirectly besmirch
>> him over and and over.
>> Thank you Shawn.
> I am very humbled and honored. Thank you very kindly.
> We, the old teams from MySQL, have fought very hard to maintain our
> identities as the product itself has changed ownership. Some battles we won,
> some we did not.  Our support and development teams are still predominately
> intact since before the Sun acquisition. We have had to learn how to use
> some new tools and adjust to different corporate philosophies but our
> dedication to our customers or the quality of the product has never waned.
> Certainly there have needed to be adjustments along the way. Some of them
> were painful (the loss of our old friend Eventum still haunts us today) some
> were easy (like having essentially one tier of support services for all
> customers).
> I don't get as much time to spend monitoring this list as I used to. I
> contributed to this list before I worked for MySQL and I will continue being
> part of this community as long as MySQL is part of my life. If you would
> like to join me and become part of the MySQL team in any capacity, we are
> always scouting for new talent in all geographical areas. Please do not post
> any responses or resumes to this list or send them to my personal account. I
> can no longer accept them (it's one of those policy changes I mentioned
> earlier). Instead please look for a listing that you may be interested in at
> and start the process there.
> Again, thank you very much.
> Humbly yours,
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> Shawn Green
> MySQL Principal Technical Support Engineer
> Oracle USA, Inc. - Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together.
> Office: Blountville, TN
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