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From:Lydia Rowe Date:October 18 2011 10:39pm
Subject:Re: One database per server architecture
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You have answered your own question, good sir. Or so I have come to believe.
Is your primary concern $? Is your organization focused on the bottom line?
Option B allows you to move in the costsaving direction. I imagine some may
object to sharing resources between (potentially exploitable) WordPress
installations but hey, so goes the show, as they say around these parts


On Oct 18, 2011 5:19 PM, "Mark, Ryan" <rmark@stripped> wrote:

> Architecture question I'm having trouble finding an answer to:
> I run four WordPress websites. I have mysql setup in a write master/read
> replica slave configuration on Amazon. There is one master that all the
> WordPress instances write to. I'm trying to figure out how to setup the read
> replicas.
> Should I:
> A. Give each WordPress instance it's own read replica?
> or
> B. Have all the WordPress instances use all the read replicas?
> I have done A before, and it works fine. But by going with B I can
> consolidate, use beefier hardware and save money.
> Any thoughts?
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