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From:Steve_HOUCHEN Date:April 22 1999 7:08pm
Subject:Runtime error on AIX 4.3.2
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Hi, everyone.

     I finally got MySQL 3.22.21 compiled on AIX 4.3.2.  I successfully ran
the mysql_install_db script, and ./bin/safe_mysqld &

     I get an immediate core dump when I try to run mysql:

# mysql
ERROR 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
# bin/safe_mysqld[107]: 31306 Segmentation fault(coredump)
mysqld restarted on  Thu Apr 22 14:52:35 EDT 1999

     I searched for this error in the archives, and didn't find any helpful
advice, except for upgrading libc/glibc libraries.  As far as I know, we
have the lastest stuff on this machine.  Any other ideas?

Thank you!
Steve Houchen, steve_houchen@stripped
ENOVIA Corp.   (704) 944-8942   FAX: (704) 944-8888
10926 David Taylor Drive, Suite 300
Charlotte, NC  28262

Runtime error on AIX 4.3.2Steve_HOUCHEN22 Apr
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