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From:Chris Tate-Davies Date:September 15 2011 8:31am
Subject:Re: Questions about Mysqldump
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When restoring a mysqldump you have the option of which database to restore.

mysql database1 < backup.sql


You might be able to use the --ignore-table command. I'm not sure if 
this would work

mysqldump --all-databases -q  --single-transaction 
--ignore-table=databasetoignore.* | gzip > 


The docs are here for mysqldump, might be worth a read:

HTH, Chris

On 15/09/11 06:29, Adarsh Sharma wrote:
> Dear all,
> Today i backup my all databases (25) by using the below command :-
> mysqldump --all-databases -q  --single-transaction | gzip > 
> /media/disk-1/Server11_MysqlBackup_15September2011/mysql_15sep2011backup.sql.gz
> Now I have some doubts or problems that I need to handle in future :
> 1. Is there any option in restore command ( I use mysql < backup.sql 
> )  to store only specific 1 or 2 databases out of this big backup file.
> 2. While taking mysqldump of all databases , is there any way to leave 
> specific databases , I know there is --databases option , but we have 
> to name other 23 databases then.
> 3. What are the settings that are need to changed in my.cnf to make 
> backup & restore faster.
> Thanks


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