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From:walter harms Date:September 10 2011 11:42am
Subject:Re: Binary builds for AIX
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It is some time since i used AIX but maybe this help.
So far i know has IBM moved to gnu-tools if not do it,
it will ease the pain. I assume that you have gcc etc running.
after downloading the latest version of mysql source.
1. unpack
2. ./configure
if it complains try to fix it
/* hope for the best */
3. make
if it complains try to fix it
4. make check
/* i do not remember the exact target but this runs the test
and should also be found with INSTALL
5. make install
note that you still have to make sure that the db will start at boot

do not blame me if something fails, i have not used AIX since 4.1.


Am 09.09.2011 17:22, schrieb Peter Gershkovich:
> I noticed that there is no binary builds for AIX any more. 
> What would be the best way to install a current version of MySQL (5.5)  on AIX?
> Specifically I am looking for instructions for AIX 6.1 and/or 7.1 
> Thanks,
> Peter
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