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From:Johan De Meersman Date:September 8 2011 9:56am
Subject:Re: trying to change wait_timeout
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> From: "Bruce Ferrell" <bferrell@stripped>
> To: mysql@stripped
> Sent: Thursday, 8 September, 2011 3:10:16 AM
> Subject: trying to change wait_timeout
> I've read the documentation on MySQL for version 5.1 and it says all
> I have to do is to place the following:
> wait_timeout=xxx
> under [mysqld]

That, and restart the service, of course. You *did* think of restarting the service, I
trust? :-p

That being said, it is also a dynamic variable, so if you didn't restart, prefer not to
restart *and* are certain your config file is correct; you can also do "set global
wait_timeout=xxx" to have it take effect immediately for all new sessions. Yes, that means
you'll have to disconnect/reconnect to see the change in your own session.

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