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From:Peter Brawley Date:September 2 2011 4:14pm
Subject:Re: locked non-existent row
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On 9/1/2011 9:06 AM, Jerry Schwartz wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: locked non-existent row
>> On 8/31/2011 4:50 AM, Rik Wasmus wrote:
>>>> While a transaction in one thread tries to update a non-existent InnoDB
>>>> row with a given key value, an attempt to insert that value in another
>>>> thread is locked out. Does anyone know where this behaviour is
> documented?
> [JS] Forgive my ignorance, but I thought that was standard behavior for a row-
> or row-range lock (not just MySQL) in any DBMS that supported row locking.
> (Back when these things were first being invented, one term was "predicate
> locking.") The general idea was that you are locking rows that meet certain
> criteria, whether any or all of them exist or not. You're locking not only the
> existence, but the potential existence, of those rows.
> I would expect it to apply not only to keys, but to any set. For example,
> SELECT * FROM `t` WHERE `t`.`x`<  3 FOR UPDATE;
> should lock all rows where `t`.`x`<  3 for update, insertion, or deletion --
> regardless of whether or not `x` is a key. Otherwise you have no way of
> knowing who wins.
> The ability to lock non-existent records is critical.
> Try it, you'll see.
I agree entirely. I didn't question the practice. My question concerns 



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