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From:(Hal Date:August 29 2011 2:52am
Subject:Re: Arrays
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>>>> 2011/08/28 09:36 +0200, Johan De Meersman >>>>
No: when you use /create temporary table/, the table is local to your connection. You can
perfectly open a dozen connections and have them all create a temporary table called
intermediate_results, they'll not interfere with one another. Temporary tables also get
automatically dropped when the connection closes - although it's of course best practice
to do it yourself as soon as you don't need it any longer :-)
No, I meant that in MySQL there is no means of passing a table-name to a routine, nor
returning one; therefore, the only means of handling a table within a routine and without
is with a global name; that is, one used but not declared within the routine--and "CREATE
[TEMPORARY] TABLE" never declares a variable local to a routine. As for the returned
array, if there were one, that would be stored in a variable that is lost with the

I wrote an edit-distance function, and two procedures, that use temporary table for array.
The procedures s outcome was in the temporary tables. In routines there are table-use
restrictions, more in functions than procedures, and I so wrote my function because of

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