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From:Elton Hughes Date:April 22 1999 4:24pm
Subject:Re: searching two tables
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Daniel wrote:

>A Basic question:
>I need to search though two tables for a match.
>I don't need to search for a match between the two tables.
>something like
>select bar from table_1, table_2 where a='foo';
>I know I need to make an alias table to combine the two tables into one,
>and then select from the combined table, but I do not know how.

Hi Daniel,

I am new to MySQL, but am experienced with Informix and SQL. I am 
assuming that you want to know the value of 'bar' in either table if 
either table_1.a or table_2.a has a value of 'foo'. 

In short, you cannot do this as a single statement. In your select 
statement, bar will need to be defined/declared to be a part of one table 
or another. Otherwise you will receive an 'ambiguous field' error 
message. SQL will want you to be a little more specific about what field 
you want to be selected. You can do this by changing your select to be, But this still does not solve the problem, 
because in the 'where' statement you must be specific once again. Which 
field 'a', from table_1 or table_2? 

I would use two separate statements to solve this problem, assuming I 
understand your problem.

I hope this helps.


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