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From:Johan De Meersman Date:August 26 2011 7:44am
Subject:Re: Caution : Hard Disk Full
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> From: "Adarsh Sharma" <adarsh.sharma@stripped>
> Today by chance I am checking the space in mysql  data directories.

By chance? That should be automated, as should a million other standard checks. Install

> When it becomes full, I am sure my server down. Can anyone Please let
> me know the steps I need to follow in this condition.

Pretty obvious: add space or remove data.

Given that you say it's MyISAM data taking up the space, you simply need to optimize the
tables to reclaim free space inside the datafiles - but make sure there's enough free
space for a full copy of the remaining data, so start optimizing the smallest tables
first. For InnoDB it's quite a bit more trouble.

If there's no data you can delete, you could have a look at wether there's tables that
don't need to be written to anymore - or set up archiving tables for exactly that purpose;
you can convert those to compressed MyISAM, that should save quite some space, too.

Adding disks, well... if you set up the server with LVM or MD that shouldn't be too hard,
but it looks like you didn't. Welcome to screwville. You'll need to swap out the disk for
a larger one (yes, downtime) and copy all the data. That, or *add* a disk, set that one up
with LVM, copy the data there and then add the old disk as a second physical volume and
expand the logical volume.

And this, dear pupils, is why we tell the marketeers to go screw themselves until they can
provide a three-year volume estimate.

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