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From:Adarsh Sharma Date:August 26 2011 4:48am
Subject:Caution : Hard Disk Full
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Dear all,

Today by chance I am checking the space in mysql  data directories.

/dev/sdd5             274G  258G  2.6G 100% /hdd4-1

In the next 2 days i know my space becomes empty due to increase in data 
of myisam tables.

[root@sd-1 hdd4-1]# du -sh *  
33G     innodb_data1
33G     innodb_data2
33G     innodb_data3
33G     innodb_data4
33G     innodb_data5
33G     innodb_data6
8.1G    innodb_data7
16K     lost+found
57G     myisam_data
4.0K    temp
[root@sd-1 hdd4-1]#

When it becomes full, I am sure my server down. Can anyone Please let me 
know the steps I need to follow in this condition. Following are my 
directories :
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2              29G   12G   15G  45% /
/dev/sda1              99M   11M   84M  11% /boot
/dev/sda5              69G   35G   32G  52% /hdd1-1
/dev/sdb1             274G  225G   36G  87% /hdd2-1
/dev/sdc5             274G  225G   36G  87% /hdd3-1
/dev/sdd5             274G  258G  2.6G 100% /hdd4-1
/dev/sde1             266G  184G   70G  73% /hdd5-1


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