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From:Shafi AHMED Date:August 25 2011 8:06am
Subject:RE: Reg...My Hung MYSQL instance
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Great, thank you sir!
Appreciate your comprehensive reply 

Best Rgs,

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> From: "Shafi AHMED" <shafi.ahmed@stripped>
> Thank you everyone who have responded back...
> The issue is fixed now after increasing the max connections param

Glad to hear that, but it seems unlikely, to me.

Certain things, like the query cache, index cache, etc. are allocated once,
at startup. Those are fixed memory requirements. Other things, like read
buffers, sort buffers and the like get allocated every time a client
connects. Those are dynamic memory requirements, and the amount they use
increases linearly with the number of concurrent connections you get.

Thus, increasing the max connections can never *reduce* your memory
requirements - only potentially allow *more* memory to be allocated. I still
suspect that you ran out of memory because you had a sudden influx of
connections; and now that you've increased the max connections you'll run
out of memory even faster next time that occurs.

If it works now, it works; but keep that in the back of your mind somewhere
for next time you see it occur :-)

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