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From:David Brian Chait Date:August 11 2011 9:17pm
Subject:RE: Import from Quicken 2004 Mac?
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The QIF file includes a lot of data aside from basic transactions, what exactly are you
trying to end up with at the end of the day? Simply a copy of your QB data in Mysql?

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Subject: Import from Quicken 2004 Mac?

I'm looking for ways to import QuickBooks 2010 Mac. I've only just started researching
this, so feel free to "RTFM" me -- with a proper reference, of course!

I'll be wanting to set up a process to do this periodically (and hopefully, automagically)
for new transactions.

QB 2010 Mac appears to only export ".IIF" format, which appears to be a variant of the
older ".QIF" format, and Google didn't turn up really anything for getting IIF/QIF files
into MySQL. The best I could find would be importing them into Excel first, then CSV out
of Excel into MySQL, which sounds like a lot of bother and not readily scriptable for
routine use. I find it hard to believe I'm the first one to ever attempt this!

IIF/QIF seems to be a rather unusual format. Lacking a one-step MySQL import tool, does
anyone know of good parsers and translators for IIF/QIF that may be useful?

Thanks in advance for any advice offered!

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