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From:Keith Murphy Date:August 11 2011 7:30pm
Subject:error log rotation problem
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Hey everyone,

I have run across something that has me stumped. I have some systems that
have very large error logs because we haven't moved from statement-based to
mixed-based replication yet so they get a lot of warnings logged. I need to
rotate the error logs and have started looking at it doing so.

The problem is that on one system a normal course of action works perfectly,
but on anther it does not. And these systems were installed from the same
RPM packages (5.1.50 -- downloaded from the MySQL website).

Here is what I do:

log in with mysql client and 'flush logs'  OR mysqladmin --flush-log

It should rename the old log file to mysqld.log-old and start a new
mysqld.log file.

On one system it works perfectly

On the other...nothing.

I tried moving the error log (mv /var/log/mysqld/mysqld.log
/var/log/mysqld.log.old) and then issuing the flush logs stays
writing to the "old" file and never makes a new one.

If I were to restart mysqld it would solve the problem but this is a
production system and that isn't very practical.

These systems are very similar. my.cnfs have been checked for differences. I
searched the interwebs and specifically for something
similar. Not finding anything.

I would appreciate any ideas!



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