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From:Johan De Meersman Date:August 4 2011 5:19pm
Subject:Re: strange warnings after upgrade...
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Your binary logging is set to statement format - the default, and the only one available
in older versions. Current versions also support row-based logging. These formats have to
do with safe replication, I recommend you check the release notes and the online
documentation for more information.

Debian mysql packages are patched to log to syslog instead of mysql.log; and since you
upgraded to a version that supports both binlog formats, it is now warning you that some
statements may cause inconsistencies in replication.

If you're not using your binary logs for anything, I suggest you turn them off, as they
are a slight performance hit. If you are using them, you may want to switch to row-based
or maybe mixed logging format, as detailed in the online documentation; which will get rid
of those messages.

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> From: "Steve Staples" <sstaples@stripped>
> To: mysql@stripped
> Sent: Thursday, 4 August, 2011 4:17:50 PM
> Subject: strange warnings after upgrade...
> We just upgraded our mysql from 5.0.32 on debian lenny, to 5.1.49 on
> debian squish.
> I wasn't told that it was doing an incremental version upgrade, i was
> under the impression it was just going from 5.0.32 to 5.0.8x.
> Anyways, I am getting some weird issues now, that is filling up the
> syslog, and is looking for some insight on why???
> Aug  4 10:07:17 --machine-- mysqld: 110804 10:07:17 [Warning]
> Statement
> may not be safe to log in statement format. Statement: UPDATE
> `freeradius`.`online_account` SET
> Aug  4 10:07:17 --machine-- mysqld: ^I^I^I^I^I`update_time`=NOW()
> Aug  4 10:07:17 --machine-- mysqld: ^I^I^I^I^I#, `type`='U'
> Aug  4 10:07:17 --machine-- mysqld: ^I^I^I^I^I, `dup_ip`='N'
> Aug  4 10:07:17 --machine-- mysqld: ^I^I^I^IWHERE `yearmonth`=
> NAME_CONST('v_yearmonth',201108)
> Aug  4 10:07:17 --machine-- mysqld: ^I^I^I^I^IAND `radacct_id`=
> NAME_CONST('v_radacct_id',358954)
> Aug  4 10:07:17 --machine-- mysqld: ^I^I^I^I^IAND `customer_id`=
> NAME_CONST('v_customer_id',0)
> Aug  4 10:07:17 --machine-- mysqld: ^I^I^I^I^IAND
> `customer_account_id`=
> NAME_CONST('v_customer_account_id',0)
> Aug  4 10:07:17 --machine-- mysqld: ^I^I^I^I^IAND `user_name`=
> NAME_CONST('v_user_name',_latin1'username@stripped' COLLATE
> 'latin1_swedish_ci')
> Aug  4 10:07:17 --machine-- mysqld: ^I^I^I^I^IAND
> `framed_ip_address`=
> NAME_CONST('v_framed_ip_address'
> Aug  4 10:07:18 --machine-- mysqld: 110804 10:07:18 [Warning]
> Statement
> may not be safe to log in statement format. Statement: UPDATE `user`
> `last_refresh`=UNIX_TIMESTAMP() WHERE `user_id`='19' LIMIT 1
> that is a direct pull from the syslog, i haven't changed anything
> (except the machine name and the email address it was adding)
> the first one, is called from a stored procedure, the second one, is
> called from my php script.

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