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From:Kay [DAS] Rozeboom Date:August 4 2011 2:36pm
Subject:RE: very large import
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I am new to MySQL and this listserv.  I have a couple of questions about the
recommendations at the link given below.

1)  If autocommit is turned off during the large load, could this cause the underlying
InnoDB log to grow too big?

2)  If the unique checks and foreign key checks are turned off during the large load, are
the checks run for the newly loaded data when they are turned back on?  If not, what kind
of errors would occur later if the loaded data contained duplicate keys or non-existent
foreign keys?  

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> Is there any way to speed up this process? by disabling indexes or  
> something?  I can't afford to be down for 3 more days...  

First stop, the mysql documentation:

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