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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:August 4 2011 2:10pm
Subject:RE: Too many aliases
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>Subject: RE: Too many aliases
>I rarely use aliases (unless rarely required in self-join queries).
>Yes, the column names may be longer this way, but easy to refer to and
>easy to communicate (by specifying a table number). I wonder what others
>think about it.
[JS] Back when I was trying to fit as much code on a punch-card as possible, 
the languages only supported short names, and the terminals ran at 10cps, 
every keystroke was precious.

Now I routinely pay the price of extra keystrokes for readability: not just 
with things such as column names, but with parentheses and the like as well. 
Like you, I only use aliases when necessary.

If I want brain-teasers, I'll do a crossword puzzle.

But that's just me.


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