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From:(Hal Date:August 4 2011 12:25pm
Subject:Re: Too many aliases
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>>>> 2011/08/03 12:46 +0200, Rik Wasmus >>>>
But the 
main thing is it helps to distinguish tables  in joins having the same table 
more then once (and of course results from subqueries etc.):

SELECT first.* 
FROM tablename first
LEFT JOIN   tablename second
   ON    first.some_id = second.some_id
   AND !=
Well, yes, here it is needful. But it seems to me from most of the examples that people
here post, that they have the idea that it is the style always to use one-letter aliases,
whether it is helpful or not.

Now I do not do this, but I often see examples where a field for one purpose has in one
table one name, and in another table another, slightly different, name, and then, too, I
see alias used, although, in this case, no table name at all is needed. (I like to use the
same field name in all tables where it has the same function.)

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