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From:Shawn Green (MySQL) Date:August 2 2011 6:46pm
Subject:Re: Which is better
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On 8/2/2011 02:41, Adarsh Sharma wrote:
> Dear all,
> Just want to know which join is better for querying data faster.
> I have 2 tables A ( 70 GB ) & B ( 7 MB )
> A has 10 columns & B has 3 columns.Indexes exist on both tables's ids.
> select p.* from table A p, B q where
> or
> select p.* from table B q , A p where
> Thanks

There is no difference in performance. The optimizer will change the 
sequence it uses to read the tables according to its own rules.

If you had used STRAIGHT JOIN to force a particular execution path, the 
it would normally be faster to read the smaller table first.

Shawn Green
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