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From:Tim Thorburn Date:July 22 2011 10:48pm
Subject:Re: MySQL refusing to accept passwords
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On 7/22/2011 5:02 PM, Shawn Green (MySQL) wrote:
> On 7/21/2011 22:45, Tim Thorburn wrote:
>> Hello,
>> For those keeping score, this will be the second time in the past few
>> months I've come upon this problem. To recap, this is happening on a
>> development laptop running Win7 64-bit Ultimate and MySQL 5.5.13. This
>> morning, all was working well. This evening, I launched MySQL Workbench
>> 5.2.34 CE to work on a table. When I attempt to access the server from
>> within Workbench, I'm now prompted with a window asking for my password.
>> Of course, my password is not accepted when I enter it - I'm presented
>> with error #2000.
>> Just to confirm, mysql --version returns:
>> mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.13, for Win64 (x86)
>> This is not an upgrade, after my last mishap, I once again formatted the
>> laptop with a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit as well as
>> MySQL 5.5.13. I've begun digging through, but I'm not
>> seeing any standing out. I should point out that this problem also
>> breaks any sites running on this dev laptop as all passwords are no
>> longer accepted.
>> Any thoughts on what may be causing this? It seems to be happening every
>> month or so at this point.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> -Tim Thorburn
> * Check your binary logs, someone may actually be changing your 
> passwords.
> * Be careful with what you backup/restore. You may accidentally revert 
> your tables to a condition before you set the password.
> * mysql.exe is the command-line client. While it would be unusual to 
> have a client utility that is of a different version than your server, 
> the actual command to determine the version of the MySQL database 
> server would be
> mysqld --version
> * did you attempt to login using mysql to see if the passwords really 
> were different? Remember, the account 'root' for a new installation is 
> not created without a password.  If you had restored a very old copy 
> of that table, that might have been your situation.
> * are you aware of the "lost password reset" instructions in the manual?
Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the reply.  As this has happened before, and because I'm on a 
deadline, I ended up stopping the MySQL service with NET STOP MYSQL, 
then started MySQL with the skip-grant-tables option so that I could log 
in as root and make a backup via mysqldump.  After this, I uninstalled 
MySQL from Control Panel, then proceeded to delete C:\Program 
Files\MySQL and C:\ProgramData\MySQL directories before rebooting to do 
a clean install of MySQL 5.5.14.

Before this, I did try to simply reset the root password by once again 
stopping the MySQL service, starting it with --skip-grant-tables; 
however regardless of what I changed the password to, I received the 
same error.  This error was present for each login I had on the MySQL 

Unfortunately, now that I've uninstalled and deleted the previous MySQL 
directories, it seems unlikely that I'll have access to the previous set 
of logs.  I do, however, have a complete backup of --all-databases from 
mysqldump.  Would there be anything in here that might shed some light 
on the issue?

I'm at a loss here.  The only "different" things I had done between when 
MySQL was working and when it decided to no longer accept my passwords 
was to launch Chrome instead of Firefox to load a specific Google page 
and to allow Bonjour to update iTunes and Safari on this laptop.  Though 
I can't see how either of those would have any impact on MySQL.

Thanks again,
-Tim Thorburn

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