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From:Daevid Vincent Date:July 21 2011 7:13pm
Subject:RE: Next Unique Number - Generation
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I can think of several ways to accomplish this (or close to it).

 * Assign each server a number and prefix/append that number to the unique
 * initialize each table on each server at a different huge number so they
don't ever collide:
		ALTER TABLE `students` AUTO_INCREMENT=10000000;
	Other server:
		ALTER TABLE `students` AUTO_INCREMENT=20000000;
 * don't re-invent the wheel and just use UUID()
 * make the primary key a combination key of a regular auto-increment and
NOW() or RAND() or some other unique column of the table itself or something
like IP number of the server, etc.
 * setup a trigger to alter the primary key accordingly prior to insert.
Maybe one server is even numbers and the other is odd numbers, or use MOD()
or other math to have a pool of servers.

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> Subject: Next Unique Number - Generation
> Hi there,
> I need a technical help fro you,
> I have developed a software for college & school. Here we have concept
> called register number/admission number. These are two unique umber for
> student. My application resides Client/server model.
> These numbers will be generated (some defined format) to each student when
> they are admitted at first time. This admission process is taken place at
> different nodes at a time.
> In this scenario, I am facing difficulty that, the same number is
> at time in two machines. (Logic is newest number will be displayed in the
> node before admission).
> How can I stop this logical issue?
> Can i have solution for this?
> Thank you in advance.

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