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From:walter harms Date:July 18 2011 4:56pm
Subject:Re: Odd MySQL performance behaviour
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maybe its is obvoius but

did you look at the statistics ?
did you try "optimize table" ?


Am 18.07.2011 18:40, schrieb A F:
> [Process:]
> Importing
> delimited text files from a Windows based server to a MySQL 5.1.41 instance
> (multiple databases) on a single Ubuntu 10.04.2 host. 
>  The
> process is initiated on the Windows server via the MySQL exe using ‘load data
> local infile’.
> There are
> 20 databases total and we import 15 files per database – 1 file per
> table.  
> All tables
> use the MyISAM engine.
> Prior to
> each import, we truncate the destination tables.
> All
> processing is done sequentially.
> [Issues:]
> The process
> will run fine for about 2 weeks then continues to increase significantly in
> overall processing time.  For example, we’ll see a 35 minute run-time for
> 2 weeks, then the next day its 55 minutes, then 80 minutes, etc, then without
> any changes, it will drop back to 35 after about a week (length of times
> vary.)  It does not seem to be the result of any other processing
> requirements as the server is basically dedicated to MySQL only and there are
> no manually added CRON tasks.
> Even the
> truncate table steps appear to be affected.
> An
> comparison of ‘show status’ on a normal day vs a slow day does not appear
> to
> show any major issues other than a high volume of aborted_connects but this variable
> seems to increase regularly, outside of the actual import processing window.
> Not sure if
> this is some sort of MySQL resource buildup or something related to the OS.
> Any input
> would be greatly appreciated.
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