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From:(Hal Date:July 13 2011 9:03pm
Subject:Re: How to Shuffle data
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>>>> 2011/07/13 16:10 +0530, Adarsh Sharma >>>>

I want to take the output in a tsv file the sites url in the below forms :

I need to shuffle the . words . Is there any in built function in mysql to achieve this.

Well, this will give you the domain name: SUBSTRING_INDEX(url, '/', 1). After that, you
reallie want a version of "FIND_IN_SET" that takes a number and yields a string, but I
have not seen such in MySQL. That leaves you with "LOCATE" to find each dot, one by one,
and "SUBSTRING" to pick each word out--or nested cases of "SUBSTRING_INDEX":
--and "SUBSTRING_INDEX" is very obliging, the only way, using only it, to determine that
one has reached the limit of separators is that
SUBSTRING_INDEX(dom, ',', i) = SUBSTRING_INDEX(dom, '.', i+1)
. And yes, this is a loop within an SQL procedure or function.

Are you, aside from '', only reversing the words? That is much easier than
randomly picking them for the outcome--and guaranteed to be different from the original,
relevant because most domain names are so short that a random permutation of their words
is quite likly to be the same as the original: with only three, the probability is one
sixth, with only twain, one half.

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