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From:XL Cordemans Date:July 6 2011 2:15pm
Subject:dumb question?
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I started with lasso 3.x  & FMP, jumped to lasso 8.5 with SQLlite (and loved it), now
need to work with MySQL and Laso 8.6 (on Mac mini with Snow Leopard server 10.6.7 ). I am
not a programmer but quite familiar with the traditional encoding when using  lasso. Now
the question:

I created the DB on MySQL 5.0x that came with the server and can access it using ODBC and
FMP for example ; no problems in creating records etc. BUT when using the traditional code
of Lasso [inline][/inline] to simply add a single simple record it returned this:

(error code) 1064
(error message) HY000 [Actual][MySQL] You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the
manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near
'"DMPPRuser") VALUES ('MYNAME')' at line 1 

The dead simple code I used is (mysql is on another machine):


-Host=(Array:-Datasource='odbc', -Name='whatever', -Username='xxx', -Password='yyy'),
-database='DBname', -table='DBtable', 'fieldname'=$Vuser, -add]

then I found this from Fletcher
) [OK, that was back in 2006]:

{ ..... Or, you can use a traditional inline to do the same thing.  Lasso handles the
quoting and encoding for you. 

[inline: -database='...', -table='events', -add, 'e_date'=$e_date, 'e_time'=$e_time,
'eventname'=$event_name, 'place'=$place, 'agenda'=$agenda, 'contact'=$contact,
'email'=$email, 'phone'=$phone, 'calendar'=$calendar, 'details'=$details] 


Now I checked with another lasso user but running Lasso version 8.1.0 and he is using the
same 'traditional' approach with no problems.  But I am using the mysql that came with
Snow Leopard Server 10.6.7 with Lasso 8.6  , it looks like the MySQL is version 5.0x .

I need to keep it simple, and am looking for a plain traditional approach ...


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