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From:Matthias Urlichs Date:June 22 2011 1:21pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Replication - promote slave
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> 1. flush logs on the master (only if it's accessible, of course).
Not really necessary if you block clients (firewall rule for new
connections to port 3306?).

Anyway, why don't you use a dual-master setup?

I find that this is a whole lot easier to administer than a master/
fallback-slave situation. In particular, restoring the master after it
comes back happens automatically, or (if you need to re-install the master
from scratch) the command
slave# mysqldump --single-transaction --master-data=1 --all-databases \
	| ssh master mysql
ensures that you can continue to use the slave while restoring the master.

Assuming you use only transaction-safe tables, of course.
(You should.)

-- Matthias Urlichs
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