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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 31 1999 2:24am
Subject:Announcing: MySQL Client 3.22.25 for VMS
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>>>>> "Dan" == Dan O'Reilly <dano@stripped> writes:

Dan> Now ready!  The client side of MySQL 3.22.25 for OpenVMS Alpha.  I'm working
Dan> on a VAX port of the same thing, but it'll take another couple days to work
Dan> out.


Dan> This seems to be pretty complete, and, as mentioned, it's the client side only.
Dan> I need to figure out the best way to distribute this, and I'm thinking that
Dan> it's probably best to get a couple of volunteers for testing this before many
Dan> other people get it.  I'll be the first to admit that I've not tested this
Dan> exhaustively yet (that's what beta testers are for, right?).

Dan> The following seem to work fine:


Dan> This implies, of course, that the C API also must work correctly.

Dan> Known bugs:

Dan> - In MYSQL, an input line that exceeds 80 characters will cause MYSQL to abort
Dan> with an access violation.  Just make sure you use the continuation character
Dan> ("-") when coming close to the end of a line.  I need to do some more work
Dan> there.

Ouch;  I assume this is relatively easy to fix

Dan> - Passwords seem to work intermittently.  Again, I have a bit more work to do
Dan> there.

Dan> For those of you who wonder when the server side will be ready, don't hold your
Dan> breath.  I'm working on it, but it's going slow (I actually have a "real" job
Dan> to do as well!).

Ok :)

Announcing: MySQL Client 3.22.25 for VMSDan O'Reilly31 Dec
  • Announcing: MySQL Client 3.22.25 for VMSMichael Widenius31 Dec