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From:sono-io Date:June 18 2011 7:52pm
Subject:Possible corrupt data?
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	I think I may have corrupt data.  In one of my shopping cart installs, no orders were
getting written to the orders table.  Other tables, like the customers table, were being
written to just fine.

	In phpMySQL, I ran check, optimize, repair, and analyze on the orders table, and the
tests all returned 'OK'.  So I decided to export the table, delete it, then recreate it
and insert the data using the export file.  No change.

	Then I thought I might have bad data.  So I deleted the table again but this time only
recreated it using the CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS portion of the export.  Without
re-importing the data, I made a test order in the cart, it was successfully written to the

	Now I'm leery about re-importing the old data for fear it will put me back in the same
boat.  How can I test the data and clean it so that I can put it back?

Possible corrupt data?sono-io18 Jun
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