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From:Andrew Moore Date:June 13 2011 9:33pm
Subject:Re: Mysql Failover Recommendations
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On the contrary; people say less then good things about MMM even it's

If you want to use master<->master replication consider that you're likely
to have to manage failover manually. I utilise VIP relocation to avoid
making app changes. You will also need to ensure what you have on each
master is the right data. Maatkit tools will allow you to keep your tables
sync'd so that should you need to perform a failover your data is
consistent. As Johan mentions automatic failover can cause it's own issues.
MySQL Proxy (if I'm not mistaken) remains in Alpha version so not always a
great idea for a production system unless you're happy pulling Lua code
apart? I have also seen MySQL 5.5's semi-synchronous replication used to get
closer to a consistent dataset `out of the box`.

It's a good solution but not without maintenance overhead.

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 10:16 PM, Johan De Meersman <vegivamp@stripped>wrote:

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> > From: "Mike Diehl" <mdiehl@stripped>
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> > I'm about to set master-master replication and would like to get
> > recommendations as to the best method for getting my applications to
> > failover when needed.
> I should already be in bed, but as a very brief reply: I find automatic
> failover of MySQL servers to be a thoroughly bad idea. Stick to manual
> failover, regardless of what mechanism you implement. If you absolutely must
> go automatic, be damn sure the supposedly failed node is dead and buried
> before switching - kill it yourself if you have to (think IP-enabled power
> switches).
> > MySQL Proxy
> I've seen many people rave, but my experience is close to yours: if you
> want something, figure it out yourself.
> > Ha Proxy
> Works very well as a general solution, but may be a bit of overkill. Have a
> look at Ultramonkey for good documentation and setups.
> > Pen
> Unknown to me.
> People also rave about MMM, haven't much looked at it, yet.
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