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From:Anupam Karmarkar Date:June 8 2011 8:04am
Subject:Re: Fastest Select
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I am loading data using LOAD DATA as source is csv file.

My selection is very simple with like

select * from XYZ where key = 123;

for 1 million sample record
I created innodb table with key, to load data from csv it took nearly 1 and 1/2 hour on
modest PC
I created MyISAM table with key it took nearly 7 min to load data into table,

I created MyISAM table with hash partition it took nearly 1 and 1/2 hour

with InooDB and Partition  got descent result for select

Now if i have to load data feed of 10 million once in week i need to consider loading time


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Subject: Re: Fastest Select
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> From: "Claudio Nanni" <claudio.nanni@stripped>
> how do you load data? is it naturally ordered in any way?

Also, what's the record structure, and what are the criteria you use to check if a record

If you only need to know wether a given record exists, your best bet is probably going to
be InnoDB with the lookup fields as primary key - assuming they're unique - as that will
give you index lookup without additional data block fetch if you request no other fields
than those in the index.

Caveats always apply, of course, so extra information may be useful.

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