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From:Kelly Yancey Date:April 22 1999 3:15pm
Subject:Re: Linux, FreeBSD,Solaris and x86 vs Sun
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> I plan to buy new equipment to operate a web site that relies very
> heavily on a mySQL database. I have been unable to find any definitive
> answer on what hardware would perform best.
> I first thought to use FreeBSD or Linux, but now I'm told a Sun Ultra
> running Solaris can do the work of several Pentium II based linux
> machines.
> Yet many of the posts here seem to indicate than A Pentium system will
> do more, faster for less money. Is the primary issue with disk I/O? or
> is a server good at DB, not necessarily also good at web server
> performance?
> 1) All hardware being equal, will mySQL perform better under Solaris,
> Linux, or FreeBSD?
> 2) Same OS, will mySQL perform better on Intel or Sun hardware? I
> realize that's a tough comparison without taking price performance into
> consideration.
> 3) Can anyone point to some credible sources that compare web server/ DB
> server performance?

  In regards to hardware, it really just depends on how much you are
willing to spend. Sure, a Sun Ultra is generally faster than a Pentium II
or III based system, but it costs a heck of a lot more. The question
really isn't which hardware is better, but how much hardware you can

  In regards to OS, if you are bent on Solaris, you should probably lean
toward Sun hardware (imagine that :) ). However, if you are going to run
x86 hardware, I would suggest FreeBSD. (I'm going to get flamed for this,
but here it goes anyway)...
  FreeBSD is generally faster (see some comparisons at
  FreeBSD is generally more stable (big names such as and yahoo
run FreeBSD:
  FreeBSD is generally more secure (search for
"exploits" for each operating system: a search for FreeBSD finds 11, a
search for Linux finds 110!).

  Actually, the list of references is much longer, and I'm sure other
FreeBSD users out there would be glad to provide more pointers.


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