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From:David Sklar Date:April 22 1999 2:43pm
Subject:Re: Ballpark performance.
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This answer is as admittedly rough as your question admittedly is, but 
dual-proc Pentium II with 512M ram should be able to handle that query mix a 
few hundred times a second, no problem.

One of my 2xP-II w/512M db server (running linux) is currently:

Server version          3.22.14-gamma
Uptime:                 84 days 2 hours 23 min 59 sec
Threads: 48  Questions: 374063741  Slow queries: 19559  Opens: 123984  Flush 
tables: 10  Open tables: 341

Before I upgraded the MySQL version, it was up for the previous 60 days (and 
200 million queries) without a sweat.

The stats above average out to about 50 queries a second. The server peaks at 
about 400 queries per second, but that's limited by website traffic, not by 
server capacity. At that point the load average is around 1.

The query mix is probably similar to yours, but with more updates and inserts 
and deletes.


> I know that asking how many queries per second mysql is capable of
> handling is a bad question but I really need a ballpark guestimate.
> I am trying to forcast my db server needs for the next year or two.  I'm
> not worried about the web server end of things because web servers are
> easily scalable, db servers are not.  
> Basically if I were to get a pretty hot machine (something like dual
> processors and 1/2 gig of ram) dedicated to mySQL I need to know about how
> many queries per second I could expect to get of it.
> The query breakdown would be something like this:
>   50% Simple SELECT (NO JOINS) returning 50-100 records each.
>   25% More complex SELECT queries (Containing Joins) usually returning a 
>       single row but sometimes more.
>   20% Updates
>    5% Other
>  And lets say that the main tables being maipulated contain approxamately
> a million records each.
> As I said I know this is a bad question.  Too many variables but I just
> want a ballpark (say 50 queries/sec 100 queries/sec or what?)
> Thanks in advance,
>   Brian Bray
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