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From:Mario Deng Date:May 24 2011 11:08am
Subject:MySQL Datadir under rhel6
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Hi Folks,

I am trying to change the datadir for mysql. For this I performed the following steps:

1: Create a new location for my datadir, e.g.: /media/spare/databases
2: Changed the ownership and permissions of this directory, e.g. "chown -R mysql:mysql
/media/spare/databases" and "chmod -R 755 /media/spare/databases"
	- All upper directories have x permission, to go through
3: Stop mysqld, e.g. "/etc/init.d/mysqls stop"
4: Edit the /etc/my.cnf, wait... there was no my.cnf, also not under "/etc/mysql/my.cnf".
So I created "/etc/my.cnf" using defaults (got them from another rhel installation).
5: Start server, e.g. "/etc/init.d/mysqld start", worked fine and /etc/my.cnf was loaded
without errors or warning, also not in the logs
	- Stopped server again
6: Copied all files from "/var/lib/mysql" to "/media/spare/databases", except logfiles and
checked the permission again - everything fine
7: Changed the datadir entry to "/media/spare/databases", trying to start the server it
crashed, no error on the console, nothing in the logs

After some tries a gave up and tried another method:

1: Changes everything back to default
2: Created a symlink for my database under "/var/lib/mysql" pointing to
3: chown, chmod for the link and the target dir
4: Using mysql console, trying to create the db, I got an error (code 13), so I can't
create a db, with the same name as the symlink (in my.cnf symlinks are enabled)
5: Deleted the link, created the db, stopped mysqld, copied the content from
"/var/lib/mysql/myDB" to "/media/spare/databases/myDB", checked permission etc.
6: Deleted the myDB directory and created a symlink for myDB to
7: mysqld starts now, but myDB isn't found

Any ideas from your side?

With best from GER
Mario Deng
MySQL Datadir under rhel6Mario Deng24 May
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