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From:Anupam Karmarkar Date:May 20 2011 8:22am
Subject:Re: Help with a query
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Hi Aveek,

You need to use something like union all and having to get desire result

Follow example below

select file, digest  from 
SELECT file, digest,Count(*)  as Cnt FROM A GROUP BY file, digest
union all
SELECT file, digest,Count(*)  as Cnt FROM B GROUP BY file, digest
) tmp 
group by file, digest
HAVING Sum(Cnt) <> (Select sum(refcount) from C WHERE tmp.file = C.file and
tmp.digest = C.digest);


--- On Tue, 17/5/11, Aveek Misra <aveekm@stripped> wrote:

From: Aveek Misra <aveekm@stripped>
Subject: Help with a query
To: "mysql@stripped" <mysql@stripped>
Date: Tuesday, 17 May, 2011, 1:23 PM

I have a table A and table B of the same type as

     `file` varbinary(255) not null,
     `digest` binary(40) not null

     `file` varbinary(255) not null,
     `digest` binary(40) not null

I have another table C of the following type 

     `file` varbinary(255) not null,
     `digest` binary(40) not null,
    `refcount` bigint(20) not null

I need to write a query where for the same file and digest in table A and table B, the
refcount is table C is not the same. So:

SELECT COUNT(*) as count 1 FROM A WHERE file='file1' AND digest='digest1';
SELECT COUNT(*) as count 2 FROM B WHERE file='file1' AND digest='digest1';

and then adding up the two counts from these queries and comparing it with the result of
the following query:

SELECT refcount FROM C WHERE file='file1' AND digest='digest1';

basically (refcount == (count1 + count2)) should be true and I am interested in finding
out all such records in table C where this is not the case.

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