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From:Johan De Meersman Date:May 19 2011 3:37pm
Subject:Re: Interesting bug/oversight
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> From: "Dan Nelson" <dnelson@stripped>
> I doubt that mysql calls anything other than gethostbyname() or
> getaddrinfo(), so your behaviour is probably dependant on whatever OS
> you are running and how often its local resolver re-checks resolv.conf.
> Usually that's only once when a program starts.  If you're running bind,
> nscd, or some other intermediate DNS client on your machine, bouncing that
> should work.  If not, you'll need to bounce mysql.

Yep, that was my first though, too. The documentation also confirms that the daemon calls
gethostbyaddr() and gethostbyname(). However, as I said, it failed to switch to the new
nameserver upon changing the resolv.conf, and didn't until I kicked the daemon in the

Production machine also pointed to the wrong DNS server, but since I can't just restart
that (badly written Java apps go boom) it still hasn't switched. Adding the correct entry
to /etc/hosts does work around the issue, further confirming that yes, it probably does
use the standard resolver.

Random *nix people in the meantime confirm that this is not only a MySQL problem; although
I can't help but wonder if it would be possible to work around it in the flush hosts

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