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From:Rocio Gomez Escribano Date:May 6 2011 8:00am
Subject:RE: RV: independent tables
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Tables "client" an "user" are quite similar, but they don't have any
intersection, I mean, if somebody is a client, he or she cant be a user. So,
I have his or her driving license and I need to know what kind of person is.

Im trying some join left, right, but I'm unable to get it!!

Rocío Gómez Escribano

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>>>> 2011/05/04 16:57 +0200, Rocio Gomez Escribano >>>>
I suppose my solution is an Join, but they have no intersection

Your examples are very much like a simple join, a special case of

... client OUTER JOIN user ON clientCodeDrivingLicense =

What is wrong with that? (although actually MySQL does not do full outer
joining. It is needful to get that through a union of left join and right
join, care taken that the inner join in only one of them appear.)

Actually, your tables "client" and "user" look like the same table with
field names changed, no other difference. Field names have nothing to do
with intersection.

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