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From:Claudio Nanni Date:May 4 2011 5:57pm
Subject:Re: DBA Mentor?
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Nice picture,
the mentor that takes you under his wing,
but actually you dont need it, or better, you have thousands if not more on
the internet to help you out.
Just ask here and on other sites or blogs, and you will have the help you
I just ask you a personal favour, write it the right way, "MySQL"  !  ;-)

Welcome, and Good Luck with your journey.


2011/5/4 Akachi Pictures <purplefilms@stripped>

> Hello. My name is Chidiki, and I'm based in NYC. I'm working towards MYSql
> certification. I'm looking for a mentor to sorta take me under his or her
> wing. Really just seeking some guidance and advice. I'm not a complete
> newbie to databases as I've studied some Oracle and SQL in computer school.
> (couldn't afford to complete the course). I'm currently a "data specialist",
> but work mainly in access with few opps to write SQL statements :) I have
> been in the field for a few years.
> best,
> Chidiki Whitley
> "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."


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