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From:Reindl Harald Date:April 20 2011 5:10pm
Subject:PECL: "mysqlnd_ms" (Load-Balancing)
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This is a really great idea to use replication-salves for
read-access without touch the php-application and if this
will work with "php_flag" site-specific using the available
slaves automatically / leave them out if they are stopped
this can make many setups very scaleable and much more
efficient as do the work in php-scripts with all the needed
decisions "read-query", which mysql-host and is the host
currently available

I think this would be finally a thing to directly include
in mysqlnd and leave default off

> The replication and load balancing plugin is a plugin for the mysqlnd library.
> It can be used with PHP MySQL extensions (ext/mysql, ext/mysqli, PDO_MySQL).
> if they are compiled to use mysqlnd. The plugin inspects queries to do read-write
> splitting. Read-only queries are send to configured MySQL replication slave servers
> all other queries are redirected to the MySQL replication master server. Very
> little,
> if any, application changes required, dependent on the usage scenario required.


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