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From:Martin Gainty Date:April 14 2011 1:52am
Subject:RE: Practical connection limits MySQL 5.1/5.5
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i agree with harald

if you're using Java you should consider pooling your database connections with DBCP

feel free to ping me for implementation details

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> Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 23:59:43 +0200
> From: h.reindl@stripped
> To: mysql@stripped
> Subject: Re: Practical connection limits MySQL 5.1/5.5
> Am 13.04.2011 23:50, schrieb Jeff Lee:
> > Hey All,
> > 
> > Can anyone provide some guidance as to what the practical connection limits
> > to MySQL 5.1/5.5 are under linux?
> > 
> > We're running a ruby on rails application that establishes 50 to 100
> > connections to our database upon startup resulting in around 1,000
> > persistent db connections. 
> depends on how much RAM the box has
> remind that every connection needs some MB for buffers
> > I've been told to expect anywhere from 5 - 10x
> > our current transaction volume and I'm trying to predict where we're going
> > to top out.  
> i can not image why 1000 connections are needed in a real world application
> throw away the aüülication if it does not support connection-pooling in
> 2011
> > The servers are pretty beefy so I don't have a problem
> > reserving memory for connections if that's what it takes but was more
> > concerned about other problems that might be caused by having so many
> > connections
> even if you have enough memory why will you throw it away for a
> unusual connection count instead use the RAm for innodb-buffer-pool,
> query-cache, key-buffers?
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