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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 22 1999 1:09pm
Subject:File table overflow
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>>>>> "Gediminas" == Gediminas Girgzdys <g.girgzdys@stripped>
> writes:

Gediminas> Hi,
Gediminas> I have one database, one table which is accessed from www via php.
Gediminas> mysql options are: table_cache=100 max_connections=40
Gediminas> Time to time i get error  "Error in accept: File table overflow". After that
> i can't 
Gediminas> connect to mysqld (timeout), that is "mysqladmin status" does not work.
Gediminas> After that I kill mysqld with "kill `cat /path/`"
Gediminas> and start again. But mysqld does not accept connections (without timeout).
Gediminas> It starts working only after 5-10 kill/starts, or maybe some timeout.

Gediminas> What does that error message mean? How can I avoid that? Why mysqld 
Gediminas> does not accept connections after restart?


The above is a error message from your OS !  You must set up your OS
to allow one to use more open files (globally or per process)

Please always use the mysqlbug script when posting questions!

File table overflowGediminas Girgzdys22 Apr
  • File table overflowMichael Widenius22 Apr