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From:(S Date:April 9 2011 3:44pm
Subject:Re: Ordering by grouping
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>>>> 2011/04/08 17:12 -0400, Michael Dykman >>>>
Mildly surprised this is working at all.  Your name alias fields like
"When" should be quoted by back-tics, no double quotes..   this is a
clarification and does not solve the issue really although it might
make your final result less surprising.

A key thing to note about GROUP BY is that, although it uses ordering
internally to do it's work, it is not an ORDER BY clause and does not
pretend to make guarantees as to the order of the resulting data.  If
you need ordering, add an ORDER BY clause after your GROUP BY.
I use 'ANSI', and avoid the so-called back-ticks.

This is from the paged HTML help file (note that MySQL allows 'ASC" and 'DESC' after

12.2.9. SELECT Syntax


If you use GROUP BY, output rows are sorted according to the GROUP BY columns as if you
had an ORDER BY for the same columns.To avoid the overhead of sorting that GROUP BY
produces, add ORDER BY NULL.... 

On Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 8:51 AM,  <hsv@stripped> wrote
> Once more I am surprised by the ordering that I get from 'GROUP BY'.
> This defines the table of directors that have been on the board:
> (       Chosen  DATE NOT NULL
> ,       Through DATE NOT NULL
> ,       MemberID        INTEGER REFERENCES MemberAddress (MemberID)
> ,       CONSTRAINT dpk PRIMARY KEY (Chosen, MemberID)
> ,       Rank    TINYINT REFERENCES MemberName (Rank)
> )
> This query, based also on a view ('offboard') that joins this table with
> name&address tables, lists the boards that arise from the table:
> select "When", COUNT(givenname || ' ' || surname) AS directors,
> group_concat(givenname || ' ' || surname ORDER BY Surname) AS Board
> FROM (select distinct chosen AS "When"
>        FROM director
>        UNION select distinct ADDDATE(through, 1)
>        FROM director
>        WHERE through < CURDATE()) as B JOIN offboard ON "When" between chosen and
> through
> GROUP by "When"
> It is only roughly, not completely, ordered by '"When"'. Why? When is 'GROUP-BY'
> ordering complete?

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