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From:Karen Abgarian Date:March 21 2011 6:24pm
Subject:Re: Question about Backup
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The statement like 'I need to back up a 5T database' is not a backup strategy.  It is
intention.  There are some specifics that have to be determined to work out a strategy. 
Going from there, the backup solution can be chosen.  The examples of questions one
typically asks when determining a strategy are as follows:

1.  What is my allowed data loss in time units, f.e. hours and minutes? 
2.  What are my availability requirements for the data to be brought up, that is how
quickly I want to recover from backup?
3.  Do I need to be able to recover as of discrete points of time or as of any continuous
time range?
4.  What are my availability requirements during backups?  


On Mar 21, 2011, at 4:44 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:

> Forget mysqldump because TABLE LOCKS for so hughe databases
> I would setup a replication-slave because you can stop
> the salave and make a filesystem-backup of the whole db-folder
> while the production server is online, we do this with our
> dbmail-server since 2009
> Am 21.03.2011 12:23, schrieb Pedro Nuñez:
>> Hi
>> I need set up a backup strategy  for a mysql database in a ubuntu server,
>> the database will grow up to a 5TB.
>> What would be the best option ?? Maybe a script that uses mysqldump?? There
>> is a better way to do this?
>> Thanks in advance to all
>> Pedro.
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