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From:(S Date:March 18 2011 10:53pm
Subject:Re: Increase for 1 using REPLACE function
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>>>> 2011/03/18 17:24 -0500, Afan Pasalic >>>>
I have to increase 'no_of_visits' for 1.
Using UPDATE function is easy:

update visits set no_of_visits=no_of_visits+1 where visitor_id=123

but, how it should be (if possible at all) if I want to use REPLACE  

I tried something similar

replace into visitors values ($visitor_id, (no_of_visits+1))

but it doesn't work?!?
Of course; the MySQL "REPLACE" command is not meant for that. It is simply the same as
"INSERT" unless the table has a key, also given in the transaction. "UPDATE" is the right
command for this.

Increase for 1 using REPLACE functionAfan Pasalic18 Mar
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