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From:(S Date:March 18 2011 10:48pm
Subject:Re: Need help with query
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>>>> 2011/03/18 08:49 -0500, LAMP >>>>
Is here anybody from mysql development team, to suggest to build IN  
ALL function?
There is a problem here: the basic operation is on the record, each record by each record,
all by itself. The solution to your problem entails acting on more distinct records until
enough have been encountered.

If you imagine the table input to a program that checks for hits, you will see the
problem. The program reads its input, for every number of the four that you want matched
it holds on to its mate until that mate is matched with all four of the chosen. It is a
global condition, and SQL works one record at a time. Global conditions are detected only
through the summary functions.

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