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From:Brent Clark Date:March 16 2011 7:36am
Subject:mysql binlog format
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I run master - master replication for my MySQL replication setup.

Ive just upgraded to Mysql 5.1 and as a result im seeing the following 
in my syslog.

  'Statement may not be safe to log'

Ive been reading up on the following.
(See from slide 12.)

The question I would like to ask is. Is it safe to just change the  
binlog format? Or is a preprocedure that needs to first be exercised.
With the above warning, is this something I can ignore, or is there a 
serious matter (silly question I know, but I felt I needed to ask it).
After reading the above urls, im still stuck as to which binlog format 
to use. Im leaning toward mixed, but the part of its still testing is a 
little nerving.
And then lastly, if the change is made, and something goes wrong. Is 
there a role back procedure, or can I just change the binlog format back 

If anyone can help me understand this, it would greatly be appreciated.

Kind Regards
Brent Clark
mysql binlog formatBrent Clark16 Mar
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