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From:Dan Nelson Date:March 10 2011 7:55pm
Subject:Re: mysql < vs source
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In the last episode (Mar 10), Brent Clark said:
> Hiya
> I just found that I can run
>   mysql db -e 'source exporteddbdata.sql'
> The question I would like to ask is. Is there a speed difference between
> mysql db < exporteddbdata.sql
> and
> mysql db -e 'source exporteddbdata.sql'
> (using source)
> Reason im asking is, I got a exported 5.4GB database file, and I need to 
> import it as quickly as possible.
> When I initially testing it, is ran for 170m40.935s

I would guess that 95% of that time will be spent within the mysqld server
rather than the mysql client, and if there is a difference between your two
mysql commandlines it won't be noticed.
	Dan Nelson
mysql < vs sourceBrent Clark10 Mar
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