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From:Edward avanti Date:March 7 2011 4:54am
Subject:Re: mysql apache md5
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On Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 9:35 PM, Reindl Harald <h.reindl@stripped>wrote:

> Sorry but what about are you speaking?
> what are you doing?
> and what has this to do with mysql?
everything to do with mysql
I try make it clearer, sorry for not so in first post

customer relationship manager add users into mysql
we want not to use apache auth of encrypt, but use md5 for longer password
apache use variant of md5, called md5 -apr, but mysql md5  only uses the -1
so, when CRM add userlike
INSERT INTO users  (..other....`appass`) values  (...other... 'MD5('$PASS')
the md5 -1 that mysql uses is not compatible so apache auth fail. the
variant is apaprently add
$apr1$<up to 8 chars>$md5passwordhere,
making allabove line the salted md5.
I try to get mysql and apache to play nice, but thy do not because mysql and
apache not use same method, hence my attempt to work around, even SHA same
affect, i am try use anything but DES encrypt('$PASS')
sadly that only thing that work happily witrh each other.
openssl have ability to do this so not sure why mysql not have option

Sure someone had same problem and simple work around to have mysql use
correct md5, but no google fu work

> Am 06.03.2011 05:34, schrieb Edward avanti:
> > Hi, I am having all sorts of problem getting apache to accept its MD5
> > version, this is from a CRM using perl
> >  I've tried concat $apr1$foo$  and md5(bar)
> > as best I can tell It doesnt like the md5 part
> >
> > Is there anyway to get this to work? the only thing that does is encrypt,
> > and thats sad, with only 8 charachters in an age where we encourage long
> and
> > complicated pass phrases
> >
> > Be nice if MySQL planning on making this compatible some time? maybe with
> > APR(bar)  or whatever? because at the moment, LAMP, is not such a
> marriage
> > in in such important ways, it amazing.

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