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From:Reindl Harald Date:March 6 2011 11:35am
Subject:Re: mysql apache md5
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Sorry but what about are you speaking?
what are you doing?
and what has this to do with mysql?

Am 06.03.2011 05:34, schrieb Edward avanti:
> Hi, I am having all sorts of problem getting apache to accept its MD5
> version, this is from a CRM using perl
>  I've tried concat $apr1$foo$  and md5(bar)
> as best I can tell It doesnt like the md5 part
> Is there anyway to get this to work? the only thing that does is encrypt,
> and thats sad, with only 8 charachters in an age where we encourage long and
> complicated pass phrases
> Be nice if MySQL planning on making this compatible some time? maybe with
> APR(bar)  or whatever? because at the moment, LAMP, is not such a marriage
> in in such important ways, it amazing.

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