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From:Jan Steinman Date:February 11 2011 5:53pm
Subject:Converting INNODB to file-per-table?
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Our incremental backups seem to be filling with instances of ib_logfile1, ib_logfile2, and

I know that changing a single byte in a single INNODB table causes these files to be

I put "innodb_file_per_table" in /etc/my.cnf, but apparently, that only causes new
databases to be "file per table," and it is older databases that are being touched in a
minor way daily, causing gigabytes to be backed up needlessly.

Some time ago, someone posted a way to convert existing INNODB tables to "file per table,"
but I am unable to find that.

Can someone please post that procedure again?

(I also welcome any "you shouldn't be doing it that way" comments, as long as they show a
better way... :-)

This is for a fairly low-volume server, running on a Mac Mini with two 500GB disks.


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