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From:Richard Reina Date:February 11 2011 1:08pm
Subject:Re: function to limit value of integer
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Hi Travis,

This is very helpful thank you.  However, is there a way to make it not be
less than a 1.  As it's written below someone with one job gets a zero and
someone with no jobs gets a NULL.  It would be great if someone with  1 job
got a 1 and someone with zero jobs got a 0.

Thanks again,


2011/2/10 Travis Ard <travis_ard@stripped>

> Maybe some sort of logarithmic expression?
> select no_of_jobs, 10 * log(10, no_of_jobs) as job_weight
> from data;
> Of course, you'd have to tweak your coefficients to match the weighting
> system you want to use.
> -Travis
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> Subject: function to limit value of integer
> Is there a function that can limit the value of an integer in a MySQL
> query?   I am trying to write a query that scores someones experience.
> However, number of jobs can become overweighted in the the query below. If
> someone has done 10 jobs vs. 1 that's a big difference in experience. But
> someone who's done 100 vs. someone who's done 50 the difference in
> experience is not so great as they are both near the top of the learning
> curve.  In essence number of jobs becomes less and less of a contributor as
> it increases. Is there a way to limit it's value as it increases?
> SELECT years_srvd + no_of_jobs AS EXPERIENCE
> Thanks,
> Richard

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